Stock Oiler

Accomodates Material .001-.187"

The P/A Stock Oiler increases your die life and eliminates the "coffee-can" mess to make your operation safer and more efficient. Oil flow to both rollers is individually controlled by metering valves which are installed on the reservoir tank. Adjustable tension springs help to apply the right oil film by supplying enough pressure to squeeze off any excess which is then recycled to the unit.
Pivots to accommodate material movement and crown, camber, or unstraightened stock. Mounting between the press feed and tool is easily done by attaching a magnet to the steel base, or by drilling two holes. Two wing nuts allow for quick pass line height adjustment to suit different tools.

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Models Max. Stock Width (in)Thickness Range (In.)Tank Size (Gal.)Shipping Weight (Lbs.)Shipping Weight With Tank (Lbs.) Dimensions Request A Quote
SO-1004.001 - .1871711
SO-2008.001 - .1871812
SO-30012.001 - .18711014
SO-40016.001 - .18711216
SO-60024.001 - .18711620